IHT Industrie- und Handels-Treuhand
Centralised settlement, credit risk provision, hire-purchase, debt collection
Benefits for trading partners
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Benefits for IHT business partners

Optimum credit rating and simple processing

By collaborating with IHT and participating in the centralised settlement scheme, business partners profit from a variety of decisive benefits, thus gaining a distinct competitive advantage.

Here is a list of benefits for the business partners:

  • Blue-chip credit rating due to 100% IHT credit risk guarantee (early payment discounts)
  • Simplified booking
  • Automatic maturity regulation
  • Option of a notification of change
  • Liquidity planning – weekly payment
  • Bonus protection against supplier bankruptcy
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Online centralised settlement (Extranet)
  • Online archive

These advantages contribute considerably to the business partners’ success. IHT’s support helps them keep ahead of the competition and provides the required security for suppliers to cooperate.

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