IHT Industrie- und Handels-Treuhand
Centralised settlement, credit risk provision, hire-purchase, debt collection
Benfits for suppliers
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Benefits for IHT suppliers

Financial stability

Suppliers profit considerably from collaboration with IHT and participation in the centralised settlement scheme; primarily due to the punctual payment and the 100% credit risk guarantee.

Here is a list of benefits for the suppliers:

  • Full credit risk guarantee by IHT
  • no limitation
  • Availability for all business partners of the MHK Group, without exception
  • uncomplicated processing of transactions
  • Automatic maturity regulation
  • Option of a notification of change

IHT-associated suppliers profit from these benefits, thus strengthening their competitive position. Simplified invoicing procedures and easy processing of transactions not only save time but also money. In cooperation with IHT, suppliers generally gain financial stability.

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